The Unimaginable City


Voices become moans, fade into city noises. Lovers become strangers as a prophet shuffles by. Day becomes night becomes day and no death stops love or the city from continuing on. The Unimaginable City is a collection of poetry that explores love, eroticism, and the things unseen.

Casey Mensing’s latest poetry collection, The Unimaginable City, is available now. You can purchase a print or ebook copy over at Amazon.  Be a pal and grab a copy.

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The fine folks at IndieBerlin have posted a review of Carl Polgar’s first book, Mid-Thirties Angst: A Short Novel. You can read the review by going here.

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Dan And Eric


Lambright Press is returning from its lengthy slumber (we needed the sleep – you should’ve seen our raccoon eyes) with a short story by Carl Polgar called Dan & Eric. As a thank you for sticking around with us while we’ve been quiet, you can pick up a copy of the ebook for FREE on Amazon until Friday, August 22. Hurrah.

Dan & Eric is about two aspiring comedy writers whose friendship sours when one of them develops an uncanny skill for stealing the other’s ideas. It’s a fun little piece that subtly builds in absurdity as it goes along.  You’ll like it, we swear.  Go pick up a copy!

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The March Of The Tongue Brigade

In 2008, I flew to Hawaii to record Casey Mensing as he read some of his poems (in between, I had a lovely vacation).  Those spoken-word pieces sat around for a couple months until the start of 2009, when I started arranging music for each of his pieces.  My goal was to make the sounds compatible with the words in such a way as to make for an enjoyable listening experience – to produce catchy, engaging music that still kept the focus on Casey’s words.

In other words, I didn’t want to make a shitty spoken-word album, much like . . . well, pretty much like every spoken-word album ever.

To be honest, I think I failed on a pair of tracks.  However, I couldn’t be happier with the other 6 tracks.  Even with my stumbles, it’s still the project I look back on most fondly.  It allowed me to experiment with sounds in ways I had never imagined, using a combination of instruments I previously didn’t know how to play (mandolin, trumpet) and a whole slew of odd samples (a snow shovel, a sneeze, some dude having an orgasm) I would never have considered using in a musical piece.

And none of that would have happened without Casey’s poems – these lovely, imagistic words and phrases assembled beautifully, all read into a beat-up instrument mic in between sips of beer at a tiny apartment in Honolulu.

The March Of The Tongue Brigade was released in the summer of 2009.  We hyped it as best we could, made some videos, then moved on to other things.  Three years later, I’ve decided that it could use a little more love.  After a couple sonic tweaks, I believe it sounds better than ever.

Listen to the album below:

If, perchance, you’ve liked what you’ve heard and feel like expressing your approval in a monetary way, a digital copy of the album can be purchased at Bandcamp.

Lastly, I’d like to go back to that part where I mentioned that Casey and I moved on to other things.  Some of those other things can be found in the sidebar on the right.  Feel free to purchase those, too.

Thanks for reading and listening.  Thanks, too, to those who have supported Lambright Press through purchases, kind words expressed to Casey and I, and through liking us on Facebook.  Every bit of support is massively appreciated.



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Last Fair Deal

When the cocaine boom hit South Florida in the late 1970’s, Hank McCarty was right in the middle of the action. By the mid 1980’s, South Florida had gone from the land of tourists and retirees to the cocaine capital of the United States. Chief of Police Curtis McCarty and Mayor Hank McCarty had manged to lead secret lives, until one day the bottom fell out and the DEA took them down. Now faced with an uncertain future, nineteen year-old Will McCarty has to make the decision whether of not to walk away from his life as a college student and enter into the family business in order to take care of himself and his family. Last Fair Deal, the sordid tale of the McCarty family, is a cinematic work of contemporary fiction that combines elements of pop mythology, neo-noir, and American pulp fiction.

Lambright Press is pleased to announce that the ebook versions of Last Fair Deal are now available for your Nook at Barnes & Noble, for your Kindle at Amazon, and at Smashwords.

Check back soon for details on the future release of a print edition.

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The Kindle edition of Mid-Thirties Angst: A Short Novel is once-again on sale for 99 cents for . . . oh, we’ll say the next 2 weeks.  The book currently has a 4.3-star customer rating (“An impressive work, made even more so by it being by a first time author”; “Not bad for a first-time author. Not bad at all.”), which is just dandy, especially for [spoiler alert] a first-time author.

Head on over to Amazon and download a copy.

We will hopefully have some news regarding the next Lambright Press release very soon.  Check back often.

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That’s the tentative title for my next book, which will hopefully join the Lambright Press family by November. It’s the absurdly true story of my time selling campaign buttons (among other things) at political rallies in 2004.  Between now and then, I’ll be posting excerpts (at least) once a week over at Honey Brown Blues.  The first part is up right now and can be found here.  Enjoy.

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